CES 2017

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CES 2017

Quantum Arc Media was all over CES with some crew members working the event as A/V, and also some attending as guests. As Media professionals, our team is always very interested in the fore-front of tech and gadgets. As expected, CES did not disappoint this year. Flying Drone Cars!?!? No, That is not a drone. Manned aerial vehicles are not exactly a new thing, but Quad-copters sized for a one or two person passenger payload. The fact that it is shaped similar to many contemporary Drone designs, does not make it a Drone.




Virtual Reality everywhere!! An overwhelming theme this year is VR. Different versions and different utilizations were scattered all over CES this year. Seen here in the HTC VIVE suite at CES. VR goggles have been used for a number of things, but the industry that has utilized the tech to the highest degree is, in fact, the drone world. Drone pilots,



The Verge covered CES from their onsite production studio.  The Cast and Crew were great, it’s been awhile since I’ve worked with such a easy going group of industry professionals. I especially enjoyed working with the LiveX crew.







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