Goodbye 2016!!!

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Goodbye 2016!

2016 was a big year for us at Quantum Arc Media. We moved into our new space at the Show Creators Studio, completed our first company show reel, and expanded our company with wonderful new talented people.

On-going projects:

Our sci-fi episodic, ‘Shadows’, is proving to be as much fun to shoot as it is well received.





Gin & Sapphy is just getting started and have too many adventures to describe awaiting them! Watch out for the release Spring 2017!

We have also partnered with the talented Producer/ Director, Sean McCoy, in filming his series “Adversary” and “Dead Souls”

Be on the lookout for our partnership with with a new channel launching soon!

 2016 Highlights

A project that really stood out to me was our interview with the retired racecar driver Sam Schmidt and his alliance with ARROW. His story of strength and resiliency is worthy of the silver screen. It struck me how light his heart was and how his love for his family was so obvious. ARROW is an incredible company with hearts as big as their brains. What they have accomplished, has the potential to change the way we all drive and how we tackle our biggest hurdles.

Check out their website!

Waylens was impressive this year at SEMA with their new interactive dashboard car monitoring system. An excellent user interface, detailed and accurate information, paired with the global community, makes this device the must-have toy for car enthusiasts of all kinds. Not to mention, the overlay display on the 4k video can be recorded…just saying.

In addition to those projects we have been non-stop creating content we are proud of and now we have set the stage for another great year. So here we go!

Hello 2017!

We have big plans for this upcoming year.

With so much new technology coming into the market it would be silly to think we aren’t going to be at the forefront. You all know us better than that! We are working with HTC Vive to explore the possibilities of 360/3D cinematic storytelling. These new tools beg the question “How can this be used to tell our stories in a new engaging way?”, and of course we ask again “What else can we make it do?”. At Quantum Arc Media, we always have our eye on the ball, looking for ways to expand possibilities and our minds.

Having Blake join our team was a great experience and provided us an opportunity to give back to the filmmaking community. We are excited to welcome another intern into our family soon and look forward to passing on our knowledge and passion.

We encourage you all to keep creating. Let your ideas grow roots and see them through. Continue to learn and appreciate the magic that you are capable of making. Seek out connections and opportunities that feed your passion and be a supportive voice for others to do the same. Let’s all have a great year!

Be sure to check our YouTube page for new releases of your favorite Quantum Arc Media shows!

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