“Not A Care in the World” An Intern’s Story

“Not A Care in the World” An Intern’s Story

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My name is Blake Gilmore. I have been an intern at Quantum Arc Media over the last month, and it has been a tremendous learning experience. I am currently studying screenwriting and cinematography at UNLV, but I have learned more from a month with Quantum Arc Media than I have from a semester in college. Every week, they teach me something new about the processes of building a camera, setting up lights, recording audio, and creating a short film. Every aspect of creating a film is being covered with hands-on experience.I began this internship with very little knowledge of production but have quickly grown to enjoy the work that is necessary to create quality films.

I was worried that my limited knowledge of production could be a detriment to the team, but they legitimately enjoy sharing their knowledge and experiences to me. I have never felt that my curiosity about the filming process has been received negatively. Everyone on the team is constantly trying to improve themselves and the lives of others around them. Only positive vibes in the office, and constructive criticism is always respectfully given when necessary.

I am writing, directing, and producing a short film entitled “Not a Care in the World” while I am an intern here. I apply all of the knowledge that the team has shared with me to my film, and the team’s equipment and expertise is available whenever I need it. The process of creating a film is far more intense than I had imagined. Writing the script took me much longer than I care to admit, but spending so much time thinking of concepts and character actions has made me appreciate the work that goes into a feature-length script. After writing the script, I moved onto casting, where I held an audition and filled each role in my script with someone I believed will best fit each role. Casting has shown me that not only technical knowledge is required to be successful in this industry. The ability to foster friendly relationships with peers is essential; you have to work with teams of people to get things done.


zach_screenIt has been made clear to me from this internship that filmmaking is an extremely complex craft that I can enjoy committing my full attention to. I fully intend to take the experience I gain from my internship and apply it to all future projects in my career. This has been an invaluable opportunity to be taught by the best team around about the basics of creating quality visual media that is meaningful and entertains audiences.


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