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Last night myself and the guys attended a Production industry mixer hosted by Rodd Vegas, the local Las Vegas man who recently released “The Producer” in July 2016, a reality show about the making of a movie. IMDB LINK

The room was packed with all kinds of characters although I can’t say who most of them were, except for Elvis, he was there. While it was warm, the party vibe could not be muted and Rodd himself kept the excitement up teasing about a special announcement to come. In the meantime, handshakes made deals and the seeds of productions were being planted.

Rodd then took to the mic with his big announcement. He and his team have a new project in the works that he is inviting all of the Las Vegas production community to contribute their talents to. The invitation was especially driven to new filmmakers wanting to break into the industry. He then dropped a $20,000 opportunity for an inspired filmmaker to create their own project, and if it impresses, move on to *another* $1,000,000 project.

The genuine passion Rodd and his team exuded was unmistakable. Wanting to bring the attention of the world to a new, refined, grown-up Las Vegas rang true in the hearts of everyone there.

As you may know, Quantum Arc Media is a hive of Vegas pride. We strive to incorporate the sophisticated glamour that our amazing city embodies. Cheers to those who keep our art and our hearts driving forward.

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