Staying Organized

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Staying organized is imperative if you want to grow your business. Having processes in place ensures proper management of the internal activities and costs of doing business as well as making the back end of business ownership much simpler. Knowing where your money is going, seeing gaps in profit, and being able to identify where there is fat to be trimmed will allow you to run a lean and detail oriented business. And let’s not forget people and equipment management!

Managing a project is no different. There are thousands of details attached to a project and being able to keep track of those details and reference them at a moment’s notice takes your professionalism to the next level. When a client initiates a project with a company, seeing they have processes in place to make sure their organization is optimal allows them breathe easier and have more confidence in your company and the project.

A tool that I use all the time is Google Docs/Sheets. It is free, online, which makes collaboration a breeze, and allows you to be specific with sharing preferences. This provides a solution for outdated copies of scripts and other documents. It also cuts down the work flow for the production manager/coordinator as far as passing around documents or needing information. The comments function is available in just about all of the Google services. This is great for having other people fill in information without having a string of emails. Simply input their email address into a comment and it will send them an email them requesting that they resolve the issue on that document.

There are many project management systems out there, some you have to pay for others are free. I encourage you to find one that works for your company and provides the flexibility and collaboration needed to truly create a dynamic, detail oriented, and professional project. Haooy shooting!

Ashley Piper

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