Video Integration

Video Integration in Digital Marketing

In this highly digital and integrated world, where business owners try to stay ahead in the competition should adopt similar digital and integrated strategies to make a difference. Today, the changes are taking place at a breakneck pace, and the traditional marketing channels don’t have much impact and effectiveness. Here are some of the reasons…

Goals and Marketing

How to Align Goals and Marketing

While creating content, neglecting your business and goals is only a reason for the failure of a video campaign. All you need is to create a strong strategy along with the goals to get success and high ROI with the use of videos. Nearly everyone at some point has the marketing campaign that completely flops…

Short Films Are Still Important

Why Short Films Are Still Important

During the year 2013, there were approximately 8,161 short films, and the number has been increasing ever since. Most of the world’s top filmmakers in Las Vegas are making short films for leaping the feature films through short films. A short film is a film that is of 30 to 50 minutes. Here are some…

Role of CSR Films

Role of CSR Films in Driving Social Change

CSR helps various organizations in sharing different and wonderful smiles, creating a positive environment in the society. Moreover, various organizations have taken CSR as an opportunity to help in community building and serve people. Most companies are willing to pool in a large chunk of the resources of the CSR for making the world better.…