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With a breadth of experience in the live event marketing industry across diverse client industries and sectors, in addition to natural technical acumen honed with years of running my own design and video production company, I offer a unique perspective to strategy development and problem-solving through the combination of design and technology. While having the ability to adapt and adjust calmly while under fire, I prefer to try and foresee and course-correct trajectory before any issues arise.

I have worked one-on-one with top executives and with their teams from top Fortune 500 companies, such as Google, Walmart, Amazon, IBM, Bank of America, Lowe’s, T-Mobile, TD Ameritrade, WeWork and more. I pride myself on understanding the client and their distinct brand while continuing to brainstorm fresh creative ideas and solutions to help my clients and my team alike achieve success.

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``Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.``

– Robert L. Peters


I Make Digital Stuff

Event Branding

Capturing the essence of your organization’s brand and giving it its proper due in your event marketing campaigns.

Presentation Design

Engage audiences, encourage more questions, and be more memorable with enhanced visually designed presentations.

Video Production

Telling your brand story in the most engaging and effective way possible to effortlessly inspire people to take action, motivate or influence in ways that no other medium can.

Art Direction

If design is the “how”, the process and production of typography, color, scale, and placement. Then Art Direction is the “why,” it’s the concept and decisions that wrap itself around the entire product.

``Styles come and go. Good design is a language, not a style.``

– Massimo Vignelli


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Google Marketing Live 2018

Google Marketing Next 2017

block.one #B1 June Keynote

Google Pixel 3 Event

Walmart Shareholders 2019

Walmart Associates Meeting 2018

T-Mobile Winner's Circle 2019

AVID Connect 2018

We Work Global Summit 2019

“An artist is not paid for their labor but for their vision.”

– James Whistler


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It takes a village to acheive success with experiential and event marketing. To engage customers and create emotional attachment to the product/service. A huge shout out to the amazing companies who lead for success, and assemble fantastic teams which I have been fortunate enough to be apart of.

``Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.``

– Steve Jobs


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