nighthawk (2021)

Nighthawk (2021)

Ava (20’s), orphaned at a young age, struggles with knowing who she is, she relies heavily on her boyfriend and close friends to define herself. She craves knowledge about her lost familial relationships and the mystery that shrouds her past. 

The death of Ava’s Uncle, her last remaining relative, and a puzzling note triggers a chain reaction of events drawing Ava in with the hope of knowledge, thus starting her and 5 friend’s journey to the mysterious island of Nighthawk. 

As Ava and her friends settle in and explore the island, they soon realize that all is not as it seems. Ava takes major steps to gaining the truth to the mystery around her parent’s disappearance.

Morgan goes missing, and then witnessing the death of their friend Brad, the group realizes they are in danger of a similar fate, and struggle with the choice of abandoning their friends.

After Ava’s support system, Dylan and Morgan, become a part of the Cursed island. Ava struggles with feelings of lonely hopelessness and depression, destined to always lose those she loves.

In order to find answers and survive, Ava realizes that she must confront Frank, fight for her life and her future by ending the Curse, and escaping the island.   

She steps into her own power, and discovers her fate in escaping to seek the truth and ending the curse once and for all.

Ava, the last surviving member of her family, travels to a remote island and a mysterious chateau to discover terrifying secrets where she and her 5 friends fight to escape with their lives.



The Innocent. Ava is vulnerable with a deep-seated fear of being alone. Her guiding principle is to find her place in life. Ava grew up without knowing her parents, she has been dependent on her friend group, especially her boyfriend, Dylan, to help her with situations. She is motivated by her quest to learn her family history and finds an inner strength to survive.
Sole Bovelli
The Caregiver. Dylan is athletic and charming. He takes care of those around him and Ava most of all. He is strong willed and there to serve and provide structure to his group. After an unfortunate turn of events he falls prey to the island and becomes evil.
Vinny Balbo
The Icon. Lolo is fashionable, and a social media influencer. She loves Dante and she loves her phone. She and has no problem being independent and going off on her own. She has strong opinions about almost everything. She wants to leave her mark on the world.
Marissa Shankar
The Sage. Dante is a curious academic with a desire to learn about all things related to history and sociology. He is not a type A personality, but also not a pushover. Dante is a problem solver and very uncomfortable around anything supernatural. He believes he has found love and a future with Lolo.
Malachi Durant
The Artist. Morgan is a musician and dancer, she seeks personal freedom and expression while providing structure to the group. She is constantly annoyed by Brad’s actions but loves to play games with him. She is Ava’s oldest friend and goes to the island to show support but is instantly uncomfortable. After a terrifying encounter she becomes one of the cursed creatures that haunt the island.
Evan Keys
The Jock. Brad is Dylan’s oldest friend. He was a star high school football player that never grew up. Brad is all about the party and enjoying life. He is a good guy deep down but acts foolish to mask his fear that Dylan has outgrown him.
Connor Carlson
The Magician. Frank spends his life outdoors on the island, he is rugged and strong. Nighthawk is his home and he has sacrificed everything to keep it secrets. Frank has spent much of the last 20 years alone gathering information over the supernatural. He is mysterious and does not like people interfering with his methods.
Gerard Sanders
Buck is the crusty boat captain who takes the group to the island and is their connection to the outside world. Buck is a heavy drinker and likes to tell stories.
Jon Spinigatti
Mary was Frank’s wife before an accident changed her into something evil, the cursed. She hides in the shadows waiting for her chance to curse Ava and her friends.
Jessica Joy Hardee



Snapchat Filter

Augmented reality filter to turn groups of friends into The Cursed from the film. Already coded and ready to implement

Graphic Novel

The first chapter explores the origin story of the island and how it came to be cursed


Iconic character designs lend themselves recognizable Halloween costumes.


The Nighthawk story arc is written to be a 3 movie story arc, and a world of potential additional stories.

Alana Tracy

Executive Producer

Hank Tracy

director / writer

Dustin J. Robison

Director / DP


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