The Where

AWS Re:Invent 2019

The Who

Amazon Web Services

The What

24 customer testimonials captured over a series of 4 days in 3 different languages.

The How

A three-camera setup simultaneously capturing three different angles. With Director and Producer multi-feed monitors, an on-site DIT, and Make-up artists. 


Quantum Arc Media provides an onsite video production team to capture Amazon Web Services’ video series, “This Is My Architecture” (TMA).  These are a series of client testimonials captured through a one-on-one interview style with an AWS engineer. TMA highlights the various ways AWS services can be used to accomplish one’s computing needs. Quantum Arc Media provides gear and labor for this project, including a Director to ensure strong and consistent interviews were captured on-site to guarantee success in the editing process.

Crew Provided
Lighting Design
Art Direction
Happy Client


Having clarity and simplicity are defining characteristics of the tools that AWS provides. It was important to capture these interviews in an accessible and user-friendly style so that AWS solutions could shine through, illuminating the success of the company and the clients that use their products.

In these one-on-one interviews, the interviewee would draw it on a blackboard to add a dynamic visual element to the screen while discussing AWS architecture. Our director took special care to make sure those visuals were consistent when the interview required multiple takes and visible on camera every time.  

Quantum Arc Meda has worked with AWS on this project at their Re:Invent Conference for the past four years and our Director travels with them internationally to ensure consistent and top-quality content with the TMA capture teams abroad.

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