A battle over property lines leads
two hearts to draw new boundaries


The Christmas Cabin is a romantic comedy following Sammi Whetly, a strong spirited woman in pursuit of a cozy, quiet Christmas alone at her family’s cabin. Her solitude is interrupted by Seth Walker, a big city workaholic.

A week before Christmas, Seth learns that he has inherited a large amount of land and property. He sets out to survey the property in hopes of making an offer to buyout the co-owners before the end of the year. Seth has a perilous journey and is about to give up when he finally stumbles upon the cabin and is saved by Sammi. The two learn that their families co-own the cabin.

Romance sparks instantly between the two, but they’re quickly torn apart by a heated argument over property rights. A blizzard makes matters worse, trapping them inside, forcing a tit for tat battle leaving Seth regretting his choice to double down on his claim to the property. At the end of two comical days of Sammi watching Seth’s ego take a beating, Sammi’s conscience gets the better of her. Sammi chooses to make the best of their situation and breaks the ice by coaxing Seth into a light-hearted game of Yahtzee, allowing them to begin to open up and discover more about each other.

Their feud ends and the initial gleam of romance continues to grow. It is almost snuffed out when the blizzard clears up and Seth chooses to get back to work. Sammi convinces Seth to stay a little longer giving Sammi the chance to perform a “Christmas intervention.” The two spend a wonderful day together exploring the land, making Christmas memories, getting closer and allowing their romance to grow. Unfortunately, it is shattered when Seth learns an important year-end deal just fell through and decides to leave on Christmas Eve.

Sammi and Seth argue terribly. Unable to fix their situation Seth runs off to try and fix the deal, leaving a heartbroken Sammi alone for Christmas. Once in town, Seth realizes there is more to life than business and he regrets being a fool. With a new found sense of love for Sammi, meaning for life, and the Christmas Season, Seth rushes to get back to Sammi. Unfortunately, an avalanche forces Seth to make another perilous journey. Seth successfully makes it back to the cabin on Christmas Day. Seth professes his love for Sammi. Sammi opens her heart to Seth, they kiss. The End.


Peyton McDavitt

Sammy Whetly

Chad Michael Collins

Seth Walker

Drew Snyder

Mr. Gattly

Gina St.John


Zak Fin

Josh Whetly

Casey Weems

Tabitha Whetly

Margeaux Gallegos

Charlet Whetly

Zoe Gergel

Jackie Whetly


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